Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family Crests

Happy St. Patricks Day from Woke With A Plan!

This is a song that I recorded on my cellphone in the driveway of my parents house at about 2 am the last time I visited home. My next store neighbor Jimmy Coleman is on guitar and its too bad I didn't keep recording because after this song my Dad came out in his bathrobe and told us to knock it off (for the third time). Jimmy went home and the next morning the neighbors told me how great we sounded. Maybe they had been drinking too...

The quality of the recording is what you'd expect from a cellphone and a long day of drinking in Boston.

I'm going to keep this one short. I wish you all a safe and happy St. Patricks Day. Enjoy and please share.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Check out the new video for Wishfulness (available on itunes and at every major retailer in the USA) produced by WWAP's own Randy Ziady-Huling or as we like to call him Random Ran. Ran recently graduated from the Art Institute of California in San Francisco with a degree in Media Arts and Animation so if you or anyone you know is in need of some graphics I recommend contacting him through his website which is

Randy has been painting (legally and illegally) for about 20 years and has always impressed me with his talent to create characters. Its been a common scene at our rehearsals for Randy to sketch something in 5 minutes and throw it in the trash only to have me take it out of the garbage and frame it when i get home.

As our stage show has progressed we have integrated some live painting into our set starting with me drawing a big boobied stick figure and the outline of a house. It looks extremely juvenile. Like Mighty Mouse sans cape Ran hops in to save the day and turns the stick figure into a magical angel and the shack into a castle. Mind you, he does this while maintaining his regular DJ responsibilites.

On a side note I have to add that Randy and I have been performing for over 10 years together (dive bars) and he is the first person to ever actually hear me rap (I was very shaky). We studied acting together at the illustrious Santa Rosa Junior College and earned a reputation as tardy yet talented (in our own minds) performers. Randy starred in the epic hip hop play Stand Up Tragedy with the homies from High Intent and delivered a stellar performance in the lead role. He also did the artwork for my cd Capsule Effects and his cover has always gotten plenty of compliments. I tell you this so you can see how multi faceted our DJ is and because Topher and I try to hog all the attention...ok well I guess its actually me that does that so...yah...there ya go.

Oh and by the way...always remember what Wishfulness tells us..."often the best episodes are not sitcoms or cancelled shows but passed on pilots that corrode on dusty shelves of dreamers bold".

-David Downey, Jr.