Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Dark Room at Club Six

Woke With A Plan will be performing this Friday July 23rd inside of The Dark Room at Club Six.

Menno-P will be starting things off and if you haven't heard of this San Fran MC then you have to check out his fresh video with the crazy looking monkeys from the 50's on bikes. Its like a warped sci-fi version of the Dennis The Menace show with some ill hip hop behind it. You can check out "Eyewitness" right here.

After Woke With A Plan manipulates time and creates an alternate universe through TV, antique clocks and possessed heads, we will return you to the present tense for local bay area legend--Dublin.

Dublin has been rocking mics and representing SF for years earning the respect of every person that has had a chance to see him live. Dublin just returned from an East Coast tour with the illustrious Brass, Bows and Beats symphony so now is your time to see this cat locally before he blows up internationally and you have to pay double the ticket price to scalpers. You might have also heard of him from the Jazz Mafia, Shotgun Wedding Quintet or his newest release Ease The Pain.

Next up we have Abadawn from Camobear Records. Abadawn is on tour from Portland OR and has a reputation for putting on an energetic and LIVE live show. I hadn't heard of Abadawn before this gig was booked but checking out his myspace and hearing the song Greasy Burr made me an instant fan. I think I played that song like 20 times so when its played live I'll be that dude in the front row bugging out and repeating the lyrics.

We also want to thank Dave Blank aka Dark Alley Ethics and Level for putting on this show and giving us all an opportunity to gig. This is one of the best lineups I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with so please show your support for Woke With A Plan and these other acts. We promise to leave blood, guts, brains, hearts and other organs on the stage steaming from their fresh removal...but no tears. (rappers don't cry)

Hope to see you this Friday July 23rd at Club Six. 60 6th St. SF 9PM

-David Downey, Jr.