Monday, February 28, 2011

Shutting Eyes

I have wanted to write this piece for a long time but for some reason today was the day. The sun hit me in the face this morning and...what can I say. I have wanted to give all you beautiful people a free download of Shutting Eyes (also available on itunes and CdBaby) and dedicate it to all the forward thinkers out there with a big shout out to Pinchbeck and Knowles. So here you go...(SHUTTING EYES FREE DOWNLOAD) Enjoy!!!

My favorite subjects can usually be found in the New Age/Metaphysics section of any book store. Over the years I have read and watched some pretty awesome things. I have also encountered some totally outrageous perspectives. Two of my favorite authors that are currently offering their information are Christopher Knowles and Daniel Pinchbeck. Each has dedicated themself to their respective subject matters and made a huge difference in my life. I also truly appreciate the sacrifices that many other researchers all over the world are making in attempts to both figure out our universe and help us in it.

When I wrote the song Shutting Eyes, I had been reading Pinchbeck's Evolver and Knowle's blog The Secret Sun, drawing inspiration from both.

As we approach 2012 we are being bombarded with conspiracy theories, ancient predictions and fringe science. It seems as if every day there is a new discovery of a planet, sighting of a UFO or birds mysteriously falling out of the sky. Here in Oakland we experienced a record high temperature recently and then this weekend had a record low. All over the world the weather seems to be acting strangely. Is it the response of a too long neglected Earth? The coming of Nibiru? A pole shift?

It could be that maybe Earth HAS reached its tolerable limit and The Annunaki ARE hurtling towards us on Planet-X bent on enslaving humanity (with the help of the Bushes, Windsors and Freemasons), and maybe the Earth's crust IS about to shift turning north to south, sending us all into a primal panic as buildings, mountains and societies collapse.

Some believe that we shall experience a shift on the vibrational level. This shift could potentially result in a greater understanding of our planet, universe, ourselves and each other. After all, they are all the same thing.

I am a fan of that particular thought process and what I have come to learn is that every single thing we do matters. Every thank you, every fuck you, every love you and every hate you. Somewhere on the vibrational level--EVERY SINGLE THING MATTERS!!!

What does this mean? It means that our thoughts and actions should be positive and aimed at helping ourselves, others, the planet and the universe. By doing this the world that we create through our vibrations becomes not only easier to live in but potentially a perfect manifestation of our own fantastic haven.

The way I think of it is that the coming shifts are like a boat. The boat is leaving the dock and that is a definite. All people are welcome on the boat. The thing is though, you have to be open minded. Those that cling to the past will be left on the shores. We are all going to get soaked so its just a matter of riding the wave or rebuilding sand houses.

Not every self-conversing, filthy homeless guy is a woebegone time traveler lost and stuck in the wrong universe. But some are!

Here are the lyrics to Shutting Eyes. I am putting them on here because I am egotistical I guess. Why else do people publish lyrics? Maybe you can print em and make a cd booklet to go with your free download of the song. I'd be impressed if you did. Honored too. Well thanks for reading and see ya when we're all levitating.

Shutting Eyes, The Friday Morning EP

Catapult me to another continent with no
parachute or jet pack to spirit me on home
just leave the instructions from the birds
those sacred words
that were handed through the ages and that some had thought absurd
the codes are making sense and
to comprehend the dense plans
leaves you with the power to take flight but with your own hands
no wings are necessary
no engine filled with oil slick
no laws of physics could explain the magic or the trick
send me into deep space out into the clouds so
I could fly so high its only where the highest birds go
aviation secrets that the elders were protecting
every human able to transform into a zeppelin
satellites and planets in our grasp like climbing trees
and to grab the stars perhaps would be like touching falling leaves
unleash me to the forest in a trail thats overgrown
and is yearning to be tread again to take travelers home.

Tumbling down the rabbit hole
facing your true naked soul
feelings that we can't control
turning our warm bodies cold

Shutting Eyes
Shutting Eyes

One day this universe will become obsolete
sweet technicolor sights make the present tense complete
weightless from responsiblity and gravity
stars and shooting stars inside visions vividly
filling up the files of the mind across the seas
of the concsious and unconcious now replaced by galaxies
letting go, reaching out, shutting eyes, shutting eyes
in the know, for the show, Shutting Eyes, Shutting Eyes
in the flow, so we go Shutting Eyes, Shutting Eyes

Aim to leave the atmosphere
head towards a new hemisphere
criss cross the equator lines just to throw off any tracks
once your gone no coming back
floating out to some nowhere
aspire to be aware
follow the natural signs
mind is mind and fact is fact
Shutting Eyes exhale relax

Visualize the options here
everything is now so clear
reaching that enlightened mind
constantly in constellations
synchronizing situations
living on a different time
losing every sense of fear
seeing things as they appear
yet knowing their true equation
Shutting Eyes feel elation

-David Downey Jr.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time Flies

DAMN!, 2011 is already a month and a half done and I'm just getting to my first post of what all expect to be an illustrious year. The new year is a like a week. Sunday is January and you have all these hopes and plans for a successful time period. Monday is February where you realize that the year is already one month deep and your plans have gone untouched. Tuesday is April and its too nice out to be bothered with difficult personal goals. Wednesday is June and its all half over with. Not much progress. Thursday is August and SHIT!, the airs getting hot in here with all this pressure of dreams deferred. Friday is October, the beginning of the last quarter so FUCK IT!, put your mask on and party. Saturday is December and its all over. Looking back it was fun. Some thoughts got published while others were left unedited.

There is always next year. Or...maybe...just maybe the mantra "time doesn't exist" will be on perpetual repeat allowing all desired visions to manifest into reality.

The thing is no matter how we try to quantify it. Days, Weeks, Months. Time Flies but it does not exist.

-David Downey, Jr.