Monday, March 29, 2010

Woke With A Plan Live at Mama Buzz

Woke With A Plan will be performing this Wednesday, March 31st at Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland. Also on the bill is folk/rock singer Alice Hejna who has been touring the west coast from Paris, France and local SF folk/soul singer Martin Sole. This is an early gig, starting at 6 and ending at 9 so you can check us out for a cheap $5 bucks and still be able to get a good nights sleep in preparation for April's Fool's jokes.

On a side note, David Downey Jr and The Drugs rocked the House of Shields in SF on the 26th. Costume changes, glowing mannequin heads and pure unfiltered energy made the set incredibly unique and it will only get crazier as this was the groups debut. Derailed Freight Train injected ambient flavor with his electric guitar and Random Ran owned the tables while David Downey, Jr. jumped around like a madman covered in ants ranting lyrical poetry. Pictures will be available soon.

We hope to see you this Wednesday at Mama Buzz!!! Be there...

-David Downey, Jr.

Monday, March 22, 2010

David Downey Jr and The Drugs

Woke With A Plan frontman David Downey Jr has recently undertaken an additional project--David Downey Jr and The Drugs.

David Downey Jr and The Drugs is pretty much going to be a live circus with Downey as the rapping ringleader. Long inspired by his talented circle of musician friends while contemplating more ways to put on a great live show, Downey decided to combine the two. The Drugs will be a revolving cast of instrumentalists, fire breathers, singers, escape artists, rappers, bearded ladies and extra terrestrials. For the first show it will be Downey performing songs with the eternally dependable (WWAP member Randy Ziady-Huling) Random Ran, Ehnertia (Sunset Leagues) and Derailed Freight Train (Burning Token Records) . The idea is for Downey to lead the show while still allowing opportunities for the various members of The Drugs to take center stage.

The first chance the world has to see David Downey Jr and The Drugs live is THIS FRIDAY THE 26th at The House of Shields in SF. Alice Hejna and Blair are also playing.

-David Downey, Jr.