Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We are...

decrepit statues, broken relationships, dreams of flying, alien visions, psychotic multiple personalities, bird communication, rusty playgrounds with steep metal slides, words of vitriol, misguided energy, dreams deferred, marijuana, dolphins rescuing humans, insight of spiders, job disillusionment, untranslatable instructions, forced hypnotism, insane neighbors, passive aggressiveness, aggressive aggressiveness, complicated interactions, not holding back, absolute power without corruption, rock proof glass houses, early bird worm hoarders, silent objections, mental assassinations, undiscovered planets, squeaky swingsets, dusty nooks, painstaking detail, franklin mint manufactured plates of unknown heroes, bounced checks, climbing trees and hiding, hearts torn out, roadkill reanimated, the secret sauce, workplace sabotage, calling in sick, going in sick, driving recklessly, walking carefully, shooting your mouth off, excess, ambience, creation, transference of energy, ancient thought patterns, the superconsciousness, the ability to fly, your first forgotten dream, your first remembered nightmare, what you wanted to be as a kid, who you are as an adult.

-David Downey, Jr.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

David Downey and The Drugs Live at The Rocks

This Thursday May 2oth, Woke With A Plan frontman David Downey Jr will be performing with his posse of lunatics The Drugs. Playing in support of longtime North Bay mainstays High Intent, this gig promises to be an action packed roller coaster ride of bangin beats and conscious lyrics.

For this potentially dangerous prescription of The Drugs, Downey will be joined by Derailed Freight Train, DJ Plutoe, Rose Logue and possibly Ehnertia. This regimen will likely cause extreme heart palpitations, spontaneous dancing, binge drinking, hallucinatory visions, increased sex drive, heightened sense of ninja skills and Beatle-mania like hysteria. We are currently awaiting approval from FEMA and the CIA before we can release our product for mass consumption but are currently allowed to dose you in small venues.

We hope to see you there. Feel free to bring children with fake ids, grand-parents and aliens. We will rock their respective world!

High Intent and David Downey and The Drugs @ The Rocks. 146 Kentucky St. Petaluma

-David Downey, Jr.