Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr Dark Keys spotted in Sausalito!

Woke With A Plan beatmaker, producer and ASR-10 aficionado Topher M. Lewis recently had one of his compositions used as the opening music for The Sausalito Film Festival. The song Cognitive Miser was originally released in 2002 on the album Broken Record. Now we all know that you are not a "real" indie musician unless you have multiple aliases, groups and projects going simultaneously. Staying true to that meme, Lewis has used the moniker Mr Dark Keys for years and has a treasure trove of soon to be released instrumentals guaranteed to leave you spellbound. Be sure to follow Mr Dark Keys on myspace and facebook and of course remember to follow his alter ego Topher M. Lewis in Woke With A Plan. I promise, your ears (and breasts) will thank you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rap Money is Gas Money Tour

The Rap Money is Gas Money Tour is rolling through San Francisco and Woke With A Plan is happy to announce our participation in support of
Abadawn, Sarx and Name The Uncanny. We recently performed on the same bill as Abadawn at Club Six and let me just say that it is not often you get to witness a skilled rapper rock his set then go into a cover of "Closer" by NIN. Pretty sick, you don't want to miss it so come on out and support this tour. These guys are driving down from the Seattle/Portland area and on their way to LA so lets pack the house. Gas is expensive!

Local Chip-Hop masterminds A_Rival will also be rocking the room so prepare for the house to be brought down. If you haven't heard of these guys you need check out their 8-bit remake of Nuthin' But A G-Thang and see how talented this crew is. Internationally acclaimed B-Boy Jimmy Hits is the DJ for A_Rival so look for him to flex his skills on both the tables and the floor.

We will be doing "our usual unusual" with a few new wrinkles to the set and the song arrangement. One of our newer pieces is live painting where David Downey, Jr. scribbles some doodles and Randy Ziady Huling spends the rest of the set turning it into a thing of beauty while all along Topher Lewis orchestrates the symphony like a brain surgeon lobotomizing and re-animating unknowing patients. Mannequin heads, TV's tuned to strangeness, illumination and other theatrics are guaranteed! On a side note, WWAP frontman David Downey, Jr. is planning a temporary move to Boston so this may be your last chance to see us for a bit. Come on out, have a beer, reminisce, be entertained and let loose. We will actually be removing our beating hearts and leaving them on stage during the show so this will be monumental!

Live DJ sets by Jimmy Hits, Prefix and WWAP's own Random Ran!

Tuesday 9/14/2010 406 Clement St San Francisco 9PM $8 21+

-David Downey, Jr.