Thursday, February 11, 2010

Woke With A Plan & Derailed Freight Train

Woke With A Plan is pleased to announce and share with you our recent collaboration with Derailed Freight Train aka Damian C. Cohn for his upcoming EP "Back Seat Driver"(produced by WWAP's own Topher Lewis). This song was recorded in one session using a 20 year old Yamaha Portasound Voice Bank PSS-270 (the one you got for your 10th birthday) for the main beat.

Here is Voodoo Doll for your listening pleasure.

Multi-instrumentalist Derailed Freight Train has been a longtime contributor to the Northern California music scene through his various innovative undertakings including the euphonic Scattershot-Theory, sample smorgasbord Overturned Big-Rig, The Brozone on KBRO and The Petaluma Radiophonic Workshop.

Great things often gain mystique once they are gone, growing more legendary with each fond remembrance. Such is The Petaluma Radiophonic Workshop. Set in a dilapidated old farmhouse on a secluded road in Petaluma CA, The Workshop served as a mecca for local artists and musicians to gather and create. Wall to wall cables and strategically placed microphones left The Workshop completely wired for recording and eclectic instruments abound encouraged all-nighter parties/jam sessions. You just can't describe the feeling of taking a piss then looking up to find a microphone and realizing that your bathroom experience has been recorded or trying to keep tune on a vintage organ while some of The Bay Area's most respected musicians are rocking out beside you. Encounters with an unrelenting, invading possum (immortalized here) and a half-feral cat named Tagger proved to visitors that the workshop was just as much a magnet for wild animals as it was for eccentric musicians.

On Sunday nights Cohn would open the doors (they were never locked anyway) to host The Brozone on KBRO FM, a weekly radio show focusing on a variety of revolving topics and including an ever-changing lineup of musicians, personalities and friends. No topic was too absurd and no sound too ridiculous for the circus The Brozone would often become. Cohn presided over this harmonic carnival like a mad scientist watching his experiment animate, mutate and turn to ash all in the course of a night. Seasoned maestros and inexperienced beginners mingled together to absorb the magic and bask in the creative glow.

Sadly, The Workshop no longer exists in its original form but Cohn has continued to produce The Brozone from temporary locations vowing to return the The Workshop to its former glory once a suitable space has been discovered.

Be on the lookout for Back Seat Driver and future collaborations between Woke With A Plan and Derailed Freight Train!!!

-David Downey, Jr.