Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All Over A Girl

Woke With A Plan recently performed at Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland which is a dope spot if you have not checked it out. Its a coffee shop that has good beer on tap, an outdoor patio in the back where you can smoke and the staff is cool as shit. Martin Sole and Alice Hejna started up the night up with soulful sets of folk rock before WWAP dimmed the lights only to illuminate briefcases and alien heads while some 70's sci-fi movie with Charlton Heston lived on in our TV set. We will never tell what the movie was or if the aliens head was returned to its body and planet...

You will just have to come on out to the next show and see what is in store.

Until then here is a free download of the song All Over A Girl(Live @ Mama Buzz)

-David Downey, Jr.