Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gallons of Fuel

What is going on right now with the oil spill in the gulf is sickening and totally fucked up. A few years ago I recorded this song called Gallons of Fuel for one of my upcoming solo cds entitled The People Aquarium. WWAP's own DJ Plutoe (Random Ran) made this beat and the song has been sitting in my itunes catalog with only about 5 different people ever hearing it.

This version is unfinished, unmixed and may never see the light of day other than this blog and through this free download. It just seems like a proper time to share a song when we are going through such a serious environmental crisis. Hope you enjoy it (the song not the crisis), thanks for reading this blog and for following our music! Here is Gallons of Fuel.

-David Downey Jr.