Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't Walk video by Woke With A Plan members...

Woke With A Plan is proud to share this video for the song Don't Walk by David Downey, Jr. This song was the closing track off of Downey's 2005 release Legend of the Son, recorded under the psuedonym "JFK" with Ziady-Huling producing the beat and animating the video. This video started as a school project, ended up falling by the wayside for a couple of years and after much deliberation and consideration we decided to bring it to you in its rawest form.

-David Downey, Jr.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who is Woke With A Plan?

Woke With A Plan was formed in 2008 by David Downey Jr (vocals), Topher Lewis (keyboards, laptop) and Randy Ziady-Huling (The DJ) with the idea of creating music that was as unique and experimental as it was listenable and honest. A hip-hop influenced sound that leans more towards an indie rock vibe was the result of weekly day long recording sessions between Downey and Lewis usually on Fridays leading to the title of their upcoming debut "The Friday Morning EP".

-David Downey, Jr.