Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time Flies

DAMN!, 2011 is already a month and a half done and I'm just getting to my first post of what all expect to be an illustrious year. The new year is a like a week. Sunday is January and you have all these hopes and plans for a successful time period. Monday is February where you realize that the year is already one month deep and your plans have gone untouched. Tuesday is April and its too nice out to be bothered with difficult personal goals. Wednesday is June and its all half over with. Not much progress. Thursday is August and SHIT!, the airs getting hot in here with all this pressure of dreams deferred. Friday is October, the beginning of the last quarter so FUCK IT!, put your mask on and party. Saturday is December and its all over. Looking back it was fun. Some thoughts got published while others were left unedited.

There is always next year. Or...maybe...just maybe the mantra "time doesn't exist" will be on perpetual repeat allowing all desired visions to manifest into reality.

The thing is no matter how we try to quantify it. Days, Weeks, Months. Time Flies but it does not exist.

-David Downey, Jr.

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